School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer Needed

Job Title: School Resource Officer

Location: Al Qusais, Dubai

Salary: AED 5,000

Job Description:

We are seeking a dedicated and certified School Resource Officer to join our team and contribute to the safety and security of our school. The School Resource Officer will be responsible for developing safety plans, conducting drills, mediating conflicts, and ensuring the overall safety of students and staff. The ideal candidate should be a certified police officer, possess patience, and serve as a moral and ethical role model for our students.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Mediating conflicts and assisting parties in resolving disputes amicably.
  • Detaining or arresting students involved in illegal activities, such as drug offenses, weapons possession, or threats to the school.
  • Referring students who commit minor infractions to school administrators.
  • Conducting searches of students’ property when suspicion arises, ensuring safety during searches.
  • Patrolling school grounds, monitoring security systems, and identifying and addressing suspicious activities.
  • Supervising security equipment, metal detectors, and managing traffic flow during special events.
  • Delivering presentations on school safety, drug and alcohol awareness, anti-bullying, and online safety.
  • Safeguarding the school and students against theft and property damage and providing assistance during medical emergencies.
  • Establishing positive relationships with students to prevent juvenile delinquency.
  • Collaborating with guidance counselors and support staff to connect students with necessary services and resolve conflicts.


  • Certification from a police academy with specialized training in a school environment.
  • Background in criminal justice is advantageous.
  • Valid first aid and CPR certification.
  • Clear drug and criminal background check.
  • Demonstrated patience and an even temper.
  • Strong counseling and interpersonal skills, especially with children and teenagers.

By presenting the job responsibilities and requirements clearly, you can attract candidates who are qualified for the position and ensure that they understand the role and responsibilities of a School Resource Officer in your school.

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